Surprise, I’m a DC nerd.

Afternoon, friends.

I don’t have any thing in particular to say today, but wanted to get online to keep myself in the practice of posting so we don’t have another many month absence. (Again, whoops.)

I’ve spent the past few days getting ready for the Fall semester, bingeing Gotham, and helping my parents spring clean. Nothing spectacular. Well except Gotham, which I have grown very passionate about in the few days it’s taken me to get to the start of the second season. I’m sufficiently sucked in.

I’ve been a DC fan since I watched the animated Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited as a kid visiting the States. I never had comics available to me, so I guess some would say I’m not a “real” fan, but I have been like a kid in a candy shop with the recent boom of superhero movies and shows that are being released. I think I love Gotham though because it’s not focused on Batman, as much as I love him. It’s like the most detailed and immersive origin story, but not for any one character, for an entire city and all its characters. I love it!

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’ve been working on finishing/ editing some drafts I have from around April/ May so I’ll have better stuff to post than this on boring days. Lol.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


Do you like superhero media? DC or Marvel? What’s your favorite movie/ show? Let me know!!


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