Couch to 5k: Day …34?!


Good evening, friends!

Today is day 34 of the challenge… I’ve jogged 15 times and had 19 rest days!!

The log

I wrote this on day 8:

I was so glad when I realized day 7 was a rest day because I have been very ill and feeling incredibly sorry for myself. Unfortunately, that ick feeling carried over to today, day 8, and I could not muster the energy to get out of the house! I’m currently house/ pet sitting for a family friend in a neighboring city so it was all I could do to get up to feed the animals and clean the litter box. Not to continue moaning, but it was so bad I had to have my mom bring me supplies and my girlfriend bring me dinner. Needless to say, I was quite the useless heap yesterday!

I’m really sorry I’ve been so absent from my blog. That crazy day happened and then a new semester started and I was travelling out of town a bit… excuses, excuses. Basically, I just haven’t found any balance in keeping up with this, I’m still new! I won’t give up though, jogging or blogging!

Since day 8, whenever I’m ill or the weather is terrible, I switch my jog day with a rest day. This helps with the “if I can’t do it right I won’t do it all” feelings I am so often plagued with in other areas of my life. It also makes it a bit more manageable, in my opinion. It’s a long challenge and when you start you don’t always know what’s coming up in the next 9 weeks!

My thoughts so far

Missing a day is really disheartening in the beginning! It makes me want to wait for a Monday to start all over again, but I told myself it would be incredibly embarrassing to have to start blogging about all over again… even though there’s like four of you. Haha.

Every time I start a jog I think, this is so wild- a few weeks ago I lost my breath playing with the dog for a few minutes. Now I’ve jogged for a total of 12 minutes in one session and an unbroken 9 minutes the time before that! The progress doesn’t look like much on paper, but it feels so good to recognize that my stamina and endurance have increased so much since the start of this challenge! I’m half way done?! I honestly thought I’d crap out by now!!

If you’re doing the same challenge or have in the past, let me know any tips or tricks you found along the way!



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