Couch to 5k: Day 5!

Good morning, friends!

As of day 5, I have jogged three times and had two rest days!

The log

The first day was a beautiful, sunny, Spring-y day and the jog was pretty easy. I kept a super slow pace to start with and just enjoyed the weather and my dog’s company! (Check out my Instagram video of the chirping birds, barking dogs, and sunshine!)

On the rest days, days 2 and 4, I still took my little doggo out for walks, I wanted to start walking her everyday as part of my New Year’s resolution anyway- so it made sense.

Day 3 was somehow harder than the first one, I don’t know if it was because I was jogging a little faster on account of Sadie (the doggo) pulling so much or if I was tired or what, but I did it! I also tried to concentrate on picking up the pace when I was walking, because I noticed on Day 1 that I was being quite leisurely during those walking portions.

Today, Day 5, is a gross, rainy, muggy day. I’m not sure how the sun and chirping birds of Day 1 managed to leave so quickly, but today is definitely a downer. I still managed to get outside and do the 3 minute jog, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did the first day! I can feel the difficulty to stay motivated coming if the rain keeps up…!!

My thoughts so far

I definitely think walking on the rest days makes it easier to carve out time to jog. You know? Like instead of making time three days a week, I have time I set aside everyday to be outside with Sadie walking or jogging!

The slower pace on the jog seems like the best way to start out, especially for someone that hasn’t enjoyed running since she was 10 years old. But, forcing myself to keep a quick pace while walking still made me feel like I was getting a work out and not doing a slight little jog while taking my dog out. Haha.

I’m enjoying myself so far!!

If you’re doing the same challenge or have in the past, let me know any tips or tricks you found along the way!



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