EJ Today

Since I was a kid, I had a specific image of who and what I would be when I was an “adult.” That image changed as I grew up, but as I reached college and then graduate school I never stopped to think that I didn’t have to keep pushing that image further and further into my future.

I keep putting deadlines on my growth: “Oh well, I’ll do this when I’ve graduated.” “It makes more sense to wait until I’ve moved out.” “I need to be stable before I start that.”


Why am I letting the fact that I’m still in school, that I live with my parents, that I’m so broke, stop me from being the beautiful, bilingual, bad ass that I keep telling myself I’m “going” to become?

I want so much for my life, but I’ve been putting it all off since I learned to dream.

Not for a second longer though-  won’t let anything hold me back for a second longer.



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