I’m Emily Jo and my little room on the internet is called EJ Today.

I’ve managed to divvy up my life in to four bloggable categories: Challenges, Local, Adventures, and Diary. 

In Challenges I share my goals and my journey to achieving them via little pre-made packages I’ve found elsewhere on the World Wide Web… but mostly Pintrest.

Local is where I brag on my local area and tell you where to find the best food, ‘grammable spots, and fun.

Adventures is where I will tell you all about how I’m feeding my wanderlust and passion for the world.

And Diary is where I throw everything else that isn’t cool like those three, whether it’s rants about my parent’s shitty recycling habits, stress about finals, or cutesy blog things I wanna try, Diary is where you’ll find it.

Enjoy! And feel free to drop me a line. ♥